L.V. Rybakova. Synergetic Folk-Lore Studies: Order in Chaos of Folk-Lore Microworld. Children – Parents. A Systematized Collection of Texts of Russian Folk Songs

Children – Parents.
A Systematized Collection of Texts of Russian Folk Songs

The book consists of two parts. The first one (printed) is to answer the following questions: Of what components do consist and how are organized folk songs? How and why do their numerous variants differ? What is specific for folk-lore studies as a scientific discipline? How are cultural traditions and human biological legacy
connected? The second part (a CD) is a most ample collection of Russian folklore texts (11280 units). Recordings of 18th, 19th, 20th centuries have been taken into consideration; they represent the whole territory of dwelling of the Russian people.

The second part concretizes assumptions of the first one. For the time being it is the only catalogue of Russian folk songs, a guidebook, anthology dedicated to the subject “Children - Parents”. The collection allows the reader to form a general image of the largest part of singing tradition to find (through contents, indexes), understand
(through descriptions, comments) a particular song (about 2450 units), to describe in a standardized and laconic way texts from books and archives non-registered in the collection.

The book is addressed to a wide range of specialists – folk-lore researchers, other researchers of folk culture, humanitarians and scientists interested in the problem of connection between cultural and natural phenomena. It also would be useful for all keepers and connoisseurs of Russian folk songs.

Order in Chaos of Folk-Lore Microworld
Foreword 9

Aims, methods, material 17
17 Aims
23 Methods
24 Material

Links 41
41 Links of the first plot-thematic groups
62 Links of the second plot-thematic groups

Personae 93
93 Oppositions
102 Vacant positions

Predicative core of folk-lore sentences 111
111 In the second plot-thematic groups
114 In the first plot-thematic groups
128 Incomplete constructions

Texts 135

Identifying details 149

Works 162

Other phenomena in the scientific context 193
193 Sciences
234 Humanities
245 Philological studies

Literature 262

List and abbreviations for anthologies –
sources of texts for the collection 268

(fragments of the CD materials)

Children – Parents
A Systematized Collection of Texts
of Russian Folk Songs

Contents of the plot-thematic groups

275 In the thematic group A «Daughter-in-Law – Father-in Law»
277 In the thematic group B «Daughter – Father»
282 In the thematic group C «Son – Mother»
286 In the thematic group D «Son-in-Law – Mother-in-Law»
287 In the thematic group E «Children – Father (Mother)
288 In the thematic group F «Daughter (Son) – Stepmother (Father)

Texts (samples) 289
Thematic group A «Daughter-in-Law – Father-in Law»

Plot-thematic group AI 291
291 Send to water
324 Send to field
328 Send to work in general

Plot-thematic group AII 333
333 1. Plants, hedge

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